For new mothers that have loose skin, stretch marks, or sagging breasts after pregnancy, mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Otake can restore your body to the way it looked prior to pregnancy.

Our plastic surgeons are board-certified and specialists in body contouring surgery after pregnancy. The mommy makeover is fully customized to address a new mother’s most common trouble spots, including the abdomen, sides, and breasts.

Renew Your Body After Pregnancy with the Mommy Makeover

Imagine feeling confident about your body when you see yourself in the mirror. The mommy makeover procedure with Dr. Otake is personalized to each woman. The surgery is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Lift sagging breasts
  • Enhance breasts with implants or fat transfer
  • Shape and sculpt the abdomen
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Eliminate a c-section scar
  • Repair separated ab muscles
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • And more.

We Customize the Mommy Makeover to Each Woman

Every woman is unique, and so is each mommy makeover surgery. Dr. Otake has customized solutions so our patients can achieve the exact body they want. During pregnancy, weight gain stretches the skin on the abdomen and breasts immensely. Post pregnancy, many women experience loose skin on the abdomen and sides, areas of stubborn fat, and deflated breasts. While the skin retracts to a degree in the months following pregnancy, some changes are permanent. Mommy makeover surgery easily corrects these issues and more, helping our patients return to their pre-baby body.

With your preferences in mind, mommy makeover surgery may include:

Is the Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

Aside from being a popular procedure among mothers, the mommy makeover is a safe and effective procedure to get your body back after the baby arrives. While some women only need a single procedure, other women choose to address multiple areas at once.

Rather than splitting up the surgeries into separate procedures, the latter has a major benefit in that busy moms only have to undergo one recovery period. The decision to have multiple procedures on the same day is yours to make. No matter what you choose, Dr. Otake will support you along the way and design a surgical plan that is compatible with your aesthetic goals, budget, and schedule.

Feel Proud of Your Post-Pregnancy Body

Dr. Otake have a deep understanding of the physical and emotional changes women experience when they lose youthful, perky breasts, and a flat tummy after giving birth.

They are committed to helping you renew your body from head to toe so you can flourish in motherhood. Feeling confident about the way you look is important to be the best mother you can be. Dr. Otake’s mommy makeover allows you to enhance your appearance with results that look completely natural.

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The mommy makeover restores your looks and reinvigorates your confidence after pregnancy so you can be the best version of yourself. To learn more about the mommy makeover Fairfield County patients are invited to book a risk-free consultation to meet with Dr. Otake.

Our informative consultation session will answer all your questions about the surgery, from downtime and recovery to the full cost of the procedure, all with no obligation. Special financing plans may also be available to help our patients pay for cosmetic surgery. To speak with Dr. Otake in person, call our office at 203.388.5004 to schedule an appointment today.

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