A skin cancer diagnosis can be a difficult thing to hear. Patients may experience many emotions and have questions about what their melanoma surgery options are and the best way to proceed. When it comes to skin cancer, knowing how to approach treatment and recovery can help.

Can A Plastic Surgeon Treat Skin Cancer?

Having qualified and experienced physicians, such as a dermatologist and plastic surgeon, can help patients understand what type of skin cancer they have and how to best treat it. In many cases, skin cancer can be removed in combination with cosmetic surgery to achieve the best aesthetic result.

Skin melanoma surgery is generally the most popular form of treatment. Much like other forms of cancer treatment, the procedure is performed to remove the cancerous tissue from the body. Some procedures are regularly combined with reconstructive plastic surgery to help patients restructure the remaining tissue and achieve a final result that helps to hide or reduce the scars from cancer removal.


Melanoma is a form of skin cancer. It occurs when the cells that give pigmentation to the skin become cancerous. If you are diagnosed with melanoma, you will likely be advised of different treatment options you can undergo, depending on the prognosis.

Depending on the level of severity, location, size, and other factors, like health and surgical eligibility; plastic surgery procedures may be successful in removing melanoma(s) and reconstructing the treatment area. We aim to ensure the most natural-looking result while removing all the cancerous tissue. Often patients look to a reconstructive plastic surgeon after their skin cancer removal.

Mohs Surgery

For some skin cancer patients, Mohs surgery might be the best option. This is generally performed by a qualified surgeon who has experience with removing cancerous tissue from sensitive areas of the body, such as the face. Mohs surgery is a specialized approach wherein the layers of skin are removed strategically until the final layer containing cancerous tissue is discovered and removed.

Some patients who have had Mohs surgery may also consider Mohs reconstruction, which is typically a follow-up plastic surgery procedure that combines skin grafting with careful reconstructive techniques to help deliver a somewhat “normal” result. For patients who are worried about scarring or disfigurement, knowing this is an option can be relieving. However, Mohs surgery is generally recommended for other types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Melanoma is generally less common and may not always be treated with this technique. For some melanoma patients, discussing removal with a qualified plastic surgeon may be the best approach.

Finding a Reconstructive Surgeon in Darien

The first step towards determining whether you can get plastic surgery for melanoma treatment is to talk to a surgeon. Our board-certified Connecticut plastic surgeons specialize in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and have experience providing a unique level of care and attention to detail to each of our patients. To discuss sensitive matters like skin cancer treatment, call us today to schedule a consultation. We are happy to work with your other physicians.

What is the Procedure Like?

The actual surgical approach and technique used to either remove the cancerous tissue or simply reconstruct the area to help hide any scarring or disfigurement will be determined case by case. A lesion extraction is typically performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the amount of damaged tissue discovered and removed.

Flap surgery is typically used for reconstruction, which involves lifting a flap of skin and pulling the area taut to restore a specific area. A skin graft from a donor area is also an option in some cases. Each patient may have slightly different needs, so we will address each patient individually to deliver the best possible reconstruction surgery Connecticut can offer. Recovery will vary but you can expect your wounds to be dressed and clear care instructions to be provided to you.

Getting Started

Skin cancer can be scary, but you don’t have to fight it alone. If you are looking for an approach that helps you survive cancer and regain your sense of self, we can help! Our Connecticut reconstructive surgery procedures help you reclaim as much of your natural appearance as possible, using careful treatments and delicate procedures to reconstruct the area where the cancerous lesions were removed.

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