Breast Reconstruction

reconstructive surgery

Breast Reconstruction

These surgical procedures work in collaboration with your breast surgeon to restore the breast after completion of breast cancer surgery. This restoration may be accomplished by the use of your own skin and fat tissues or by breast implants.

Natural Tissue Breast Reconstruction

Excess skin and fat tissue may be used to reconstruct a breast with the benefits of feeling natural with blood circulation and no implant to break or replace.

The skin and fat around and below the belly button is used to reconstruct the breast using the DIEP flap.  

Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator (DIEP) Flap

DIEP Flap with Sensation

Tissue from the thigh may be used for reconstruction.

Transverse Upper Gracilis Flap

Combination flaps

Combination Hybrid Flap


Breast Implant Reconstruction

How does the expander reconstruct a breast?

Your breast skin will heal with a supportive collagen sheet around the expander.  Saline will then be used to gently inflate the tissue expander to preserve the shape and volume of your breast.

What happens to the tissue expander?

After the expander reaches your desired volume, it its exchanged for an implant filled with either saline or silicone to complete your breast reconstruction. Alternatively, instead of an implant, you may choose to complete your reconstruction with your own natural tissues such as a DIEP or TUG flap.

Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction

Scar Free Latissimus Flap

Fat Grafting

Is Advanced Breast Reconstruction Covered by Insurance?

A federal mandate signed into law in 1998 provides coverages and protection for patients who wish to have reconstructive surgery following mastectomy. Our office will work with you on an individual basis to ensure your access to the reconstructive procedure you wish to pursue.